GMI Prime makes it easy for brand owners, product vendors and packaging suppliers to connect, establish guidelines and control results.

Often, the success of your business or brand comes down to the partners you choose. GMI Prime is an innovative quality assurance program that allows a variety of brand owners, product vendors and packaging professionals to find, evaluate and foster business relationships—all within one convenient comprehensive exchange.


  1. Greater quality control for brand owners
  2. More competitive pricing for product vendors
  3. Increased visibility for suppliers
  4. Technical training
  5. Exclusive member discounts

GMI Prime offers unique opportunities to each stakeholder in the packaging supply chain.

Packaging quality impacts your brand. GMI Prime makes it affordable for smaller brand owners to enjoy greater control and more predictable packaging results—so you can protect your brand and your bottom line.

More choice means better pricing. GMI Prime gives vendors access to a large pool of global Certified Packaging Suppliers—so you can count on competitive pricing and predictable results every time.

Certification can win you more business. GMI Prime can connect you with untapped markets and help you reach more brand owners—so you can leverage your certified capabilities to expand your business.

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